The ground floor museum contains seven rooms including an archeological room, another that has material once belonging to the Bullring and Royal Casino Hotel of the time (including furniture, weapons, maps) and also a model of how the town of Colonia was in 1762. This collection once belonged to Jorge Paéz Vilaró and contains tiles from France, Spain and some of the first ones made in Uruguay in 1840. Museo y Archivo Histórico Regional (The Regional Historical Archives Museum) A Portuguese house that dates back to 1750 once belonged to the Palacios family.The walls, beams and tiles are all original as are parts of the floor.

La Plaza de Toros (Bullring) - Not on map Built in the Moorish style architecture, this bullring that seated 10,000 people was inaugurated on the 9th of January 1910.

Despite the large investment only 8 bullfighting events where ever held here due to a government prohibition of the 'sport' in 1912.

Colonia del Sacramento was founded in January 1680 by Manuel Lobo, the then governor of Río de Janeiro.

The city had been in the middle of many disputes between Spain and Portugal and then later between Brazil and Argentina until Uruguay gained its independence.

The house has been restored to recreate the way people lived in the colonial period. Museo Municipal (Council Museum) Another Portuguese construction dating to the first half of the 18th century, this building had a second floor added to it in the Spanish period (1801).

The building was known as Admiral Brown's house but he may never have actually owned it, just used it. Casa del Virrey (Viceroy's House) Ruins of the magnificent Portuguese House of the Virrey. Museo del Azulejo (The Tile Museum) If you like tiles or collect them yourself, then you will want to visit this museum dedicated exclusively to tiles.

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