Vous êtes rondes ou vous aimez les formes généreuses ?

Si vous éprouvez des difficultés pour faire de nouvelles rencontres, à cause de complexes ou par manque de confiance en vous, les sites de rencontre pour rondes sont là pour vous aider !

The Word of God was given to men by God to write it down in “books”.

Much of what is preached and taught in today’s Churches is nothing more than the letter of the Word and not the Spirit.

The Holy Spirit alone gives the revelation (the spiritual understanding) of the Word of God. Men of great intellect and scholarschip write and teach on many subjects about the Bible, but that does not mean it is the revelation of the Word.

The Lord Jesus said it would be a time unlike any generation before or after it. Because of disobeying God, they were required to spend 40 years in the wildernis (a year for a day that the ten spies spied out the land).

As a result, God said He was grieved with this generation forty years (Psalm ).

When the Lord Jesus used the word Generation in , He was referring to the Jewish people identified by their particular religion and culture symbolized by the Fig Tree.

Notice in Vine’s definition of generation, he says it signifies a BEGETTING OR BIRTH.

The Lord used the same stipulation in reference to the Hebrew people who came out of Egyptian bondage and their wilderness experience in The generation of Israel that experienced the exodus from Egypt, the parting of the Red Sea, the receiving of the Law on Mount Sinai, and all the miraculous events of that period, no other generation would again experience.

It was a definite time determined by God and would be the foundation for succeeding generations of Israel.

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The following is the word I was given about the 120-year generation and notice that it is not a shallow expose, but a detailed analysis with at least 6 proofs of witnesses. Does the Bible offer any insight for determining the lenght of a generation?