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You can joke about it if you are asked: “I have had more than mother Teresa,” for example.

Even if we ask, deep down the number may prove to be unnerving to your partner.

With such a zillion things competing for her attention, Tough luck, putting in a word in edgewise.

Thirdly, you need a sharper knife to cut through their narcissism. ALSO READ: What happens to the sex lives of widows whose husbands die while they’re still in their prime? Some of these girls are just precocious charges and they might mislead you into believing that they are old enough to be taken to a lodging.

In the process, different people follow different dating rules – may it be the “90-day rule” or simply trying not to bully your new beau. He believes the same approach works for dating: “You are not a plaything- someone to be used and discarded. Give it at least two months before you drag them into clicking on “In a relationship”.

It tells him that what you have – your benefits [sex] – are special, and that you need time to get to know him and his ways to decide if he deserves them.” It’s pretty simple really: if you want the goods, you have 90 days to earn the goods. The last thing you want to see is your partners’ status reading “It’s complicated”.

They are self-centred, unless you are sharp, they might challenge your wits to breaking point. You have to spruce up yourself well and keep up with the trends. Man, the society rightfully is less sympathetic towards paedophiles. If you can follow all these and have the patience of a fisherman, with luck you might be able to date one.

They have watched so many movies and TV series, some of them live the life in the silver screen. Lately, language evolves faster and abbreviations and acronyms seem to be the standard practice. If there is one thing that women hate more than a miserly man, it has to be a man who is a dinosaur in matters language.

Gone are the days when a coffee or a beer date could get you a woman to bed.

People are constantly on the prowl for long-term love.

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