To do so, choose the Design View option () on the Form View dropdown list, increase the size of the Form Header band, choose the Label tool () from the Toolbox, drag to draw a text box, and type in the label box.You can increase the label's font size by selecting the box and choosing a larger number in the Font Size box on the Formatting toolbar. You create the subform in the same manner; it becomes a subform only when you place it on a main form.However, you'll want to format it so it will display its information as compactly as possible.

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Next, click the Save button (), enter the name in the Save As dialog box, and click OK.

At this point, you might want to add a title to the form.

Fortunately, you don't have to go to this trouble, because Access lets you place forms for multiple tables on a single form.

In any multitable Access form, you have a main form and one or more subforms.

In these situations, you'll want to set up and use a multitable form for data entry.

For example, Figure A shows a multitable form included with Access' sample Northwind database.Although it isn't readily apparent, this Customer Orders form includes information from three tables and is made up of three forms.The top form displays the customer's name, the middle form shows the orders made by that customer, and the bottom form shows the products included in the middle form's selected order.(It doesn't matter where you drop the subform right now—you can move it later.) Next, double-click the main form's title bar to maximize the form so you can position the field controls and the subform more easily.We positioned the subform to the right of the product table's field controls, as shown in Figure C. To view the form at this point, click Form View () on the Form Design toolbar.This time, however, use the text To add F_Suppliers to F_Products, open F_Products in Design view, click the F_Suppliers form in the Database window, and drag it to the main form.