The participants were young parents and their children, and young - and not so young - educators with an interest in alternative education.

The aims of the encounter were to reflect about how in education in order to provide for - or be part of - meaningful learning.

Among these, the attachment theory by John Bowlby has gained a very prominent meaning for the development of new courses.

Therefore, these courses must be amended to incorporate the dimension of personality development.

The following article will discuss the need why maternal and parental courses have to incorporate this dimension and how even attachment can be taught in adult education. of September in the small village of Soajo, Gerês, inland and to the North of Portugal.

Some of the intentions in the brochure of the event were to promote comprehensive, participatory and sustainable education; to strengthen networks among parents, educators, children, projects, residents, community services and institutions in Northern Portugal; to contribute towards the creation of a learning community in Soajo; to enhance village customs and its local development. To date, 20% of the European older population are considered at-risk-of-poverty or social exclusion.

In this context the European Commission underlines the necessity of investing time, effort and resources to lift at least 20 million people out of the risk of poverty and social exclusion by 2020. Programmes presenting the event and service offering of institutions for adult and continuing education.

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The themes in the Norse-Germanic creation myth * retold above seem very fitting for this particular moment in the history of LLin E.There is has never been a social network like this where you don't have to be embarrassed by talking to people about your fetishes as everybody is really open here and don't have to hide anything at all!So if you're looking for meet some people with different fetishes, than you better stop wasting time and sign up as you will be meeting some really interesting people that will fulfill your wildest fantasies.The decision to participate is the result of a balance between the offer of the educational institution and the individual needs, interests and expectations regarding benefits. Fifty years ago, on 15 June 1965, came the death of the religious philosopher Martin Buber, who worked not only as an academic and publicist but also in adult education.According to Karl-Josef Kuschel, who has just brought out a book on Buber (1), he “was the first to become very, very committed to Jewish adult education”, as Kuschel explained in a radio interview (on Deutschlandfunk) on his new publication. Teachers’ qualifications need upgrading, and privatisation of education is a threat, because it promotes inequality.Its content reflects the views of the authors only.