This item is a low drop rate from every NPC in the new 5-Man Dungeons The Frozen Halls. Rewards that you can choose from are: Quel'Delar, Might of the Faithful Quel'Delar, Ferocity of the Scorned Quel'Delar, Cunning of the Shadows Quel'Delar, Lens of the Mind Cudgel of Furious Justice Hammer of Purified Flame Lightborn Spire Story: Quel’Delar: The Sister Blade In ages past the great Dragon Aspects worked alongside the night elves to forge powerful prismatic blades that could be used to thwart any evil that came into the world.

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Most recently Quel’Delar was wielded by the valiant high elven warrior Thalorien Dawnseeker.

Thalorien fought tirelessly in the Troll Wars to defend his beloved home of Silvermoon, the Sunwell, and all of Quel’Thalas.

Went as far as I could with the questing until I hit the one where you need to get the saronite from Pit of Saron due to the instances being down last night. This quest is one heck of a long wild goose chase, with having to hop scotch instances and go halfway around the world. Also I tend to believe the 1% or less drop rate after running all 3 instances twice now it's only dropped once.

We had 2 of these drop heroic in Pit of Saron on patch night, Live 3.3. The instance had no bugs that I was aware of that night so I believe it is possible for two drops, just not likely. ahve completed the quests, since i did it on PTR it didnt took forever. this item has a good drop rate so buying it for 10k gold is a waste of money, and the Boneguard Lieutenant that you meet just before the run from Lich King in Halls of Reflection has a good drop rate at about 10 to 20%There is no magic way of getting this item, there's no secret password that makes it instantly drop.

It was during this time that the battle-hardened warrior Lana’thel stumbled upon Quel’Delar, and soon afterward the greatest opportunity to use the blade presented itself: Prince Kael’thas Sunstrider raised an army and combined forces with Illidan Stormrage, who led them north to Icecrown on a mission to destroy the Lich King.

Lana’thel readily followed her prince with one thought in mind -- revenge against the Scourge -- but only tragedy awaited her.

again" If this does become Bo P when it hits live, then it will probably become either like the heads of the bosses (waste of space) or like random recipes, you dont get to roll if you have already started the quest. I can confirm that the subsequent quests that you are required to complete in order to reforge the blade (or mace) are doable in normal mode.

It is confirmed that it can be sold; they are going for anywhere between 20k to 30k gold on Illidan Horde side at the moment, with the exception of one guy who decided to list it on the AH for 4.5k gold.

I certainly hope you can trade/sell this item because it would be quite a let down if you pug a group of people in which no one can use swords and this item drops. You could sell the skin from the beast in UBRS, the warrior book for Quel'Serrar, the priest quest items for Benediction.. If the hilt only drops off heroic, in theory you could gather a few friends together, farm the trash mobs in the start of one of the instances and then just reset the instance, since you dont get saved until one of the bosses dies. Update 1: As of 12/10/09, the drop rate of the Battered Hilt was lowered in the ICC 5 man Heroics. I was tempted to sell it after being offered 10k gold from a member of the top horde guild I was running with.