Recent international intervention in Afghanistan has reproduced familiar versions of the Afghan national story, from repeatedly doomed invasions to perpetual fault lines of ethnic division.

Yet almost no attention has been paid to the ways in which Afghans have made sense of their history themselves.

We created 2 Tinder profiles and ran them for a period of 2 weeks each. We kept the 'discovery settings' the same with an 18-35 age range and 20km distance, with all swiping taking place from a central Manchester location.

As crucial sources on Afghans’ own conceptions of state, society and culture, their writings help us understand the dominant and marginal, conflicting and changing, ways in which Afghans have understood the emergence of their own society and its relationships with the wider world.

Based on new research in Afghan languages, Afghan History Through Afghan Eyes opens up entirely new perspectives on Afghan political, social and cultural life, providing penetrating insights into the master narratives behind domestic and international conflict in Afghanistan.

The successful photos also have another big difference to the others - he is smiling in them. With online dating and apps, women don't have much to go on so judgments are very quick.

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With 1.6 billion swipes a day and over 9 billion matches, it's no surprise that Tinder has become one of the most popular dating apps in the world since its launch in 2012.