If you need more help, see Configuring Comodo Firewall Pro (Firefox Support) or visit Comodo Support.Network Security Policy", as shown in this Comodo forum topic.In the Program Permissions list, find the entry or Application Rule for your Mozilla application and delete it.

To configure Comodo Firewall Pro, using Thunderbird as an example: The list of rules should have a line with Thunderbird.exe, [any], [any], TCP/UDP In/Out and a green check mark next to Allow.

Comodo Firewall Pro, by default, keeps track of each parent (host process) for a given application [6].

A firewall can also be implemented in a separate hardware device.

After your Mozilla application is installed or updated, your security software must be configured to allow Internet access.

A personal firewall (e.g., the Norton firewall and Zone Alarm) is a security program that controls access to the Internet.

The firewall may be a freestanding program, or it may be part of an Internet security package.If you need more help, contact CA technical support.The CA (Computer Associates) Personal Firewall was formerly known as "e Trust Personal Firewall".No Web browser or any other program can control the firewall.If it could, that would completely bypass the security of the firewall.If you need more help configuring the Comodo Firewall component to work with your Mozilla application, visit Comodo Support.