You do not need to have money to choose this option for yourself and your child!

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While it is unfortunately expensive to adopt a child, many adoption agencies provide their services at no cost to the birth parents.

Some adoption agencies are even able to help with medical and living expenses while you make your adoption plan— and of course, there is no charge for Bella’s consultations or referrals either.

However, he did share his favorite aspect of the show: “I think [people will] love and hate something about every character,” he says.

“She has this new guy [her costar Rainer, played by Carter Jenkins] who seems awesome and actually, he does really like her, although we really kind of think he’s a player. And then she has her best friend [Jake, played by Charlie De Pew] that she’s grown up with that she loves basically and he kind of doesn’t understand what she has to go through in Hollywood, which is such a real thing that actors go through every day, especially if you’re not dating somebody in the industry.” RELATED: Reel-to-Real Couples: 15 Relationships That Blossomed On-Screen and Off Paige’s costar in , Jordan Wilder, has a considerable love triangle of his own, but actor Keith Powers was tight-lipped on the subject when he and Thorne stopped by EW’s studios.

Please just be considerate and give what u can if you love it... Would u like all your current info included as well?

And u want your current guy in the pic or any particular class?We understand that you might not feel financially or mentally ready to be a parent.If you feel that adoption is right for you and your baby, you are making the selfless decision to give your child the best possible life you can provide.Lemme know Attachment 131569 Attachment 131570 Attachment 131571 Adding the thunder punch image... Attachment 131614 If there's too much info stuff gets blurry, but added one more up top plus this one.. Need to know if you still want Magnum theme and logo Adding the lighting if that's what u meant...Attachment 131613 If you wanted darker theme :-) And with lightning effect... Attachment 131614 If there's too much info stuff gets blurry, but added one more up top plus this one..Through the adoptive parents you choose, you are providing stability, resources, and care.