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Here thinking is conscious: it occurs in words or sentences or symbols or concepts or formulas, and so it takes time.

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Malcolm Gladwell, a journalist, wishes to bring to a popular audience the results of recent research in psychology and related disciplines, such as neuroscience, which not only confirm the importance of intuitive cognition in human beings but also offer a qualified vindication of it.

He argues that intuition is often superior to articulate thinking.

When, many years ago, a judge confessed that his decisions were based largely on hunch, this caused a bit of a scandal; but there is increasing recognition that while judicial opinions, in which the judge explains his decision, are models of articulate thinking, the decision itself—the outcome, the winner—will often come to the judge in a flash.

But finally the contrast between intuitive and articulate thinking is overdrawn: it ignores the fact that deliberative procedures can become unconscious simply by becoming habitual, without thereby being intuitive in the sense of pre-verbal or emotional; and that might be the case with judicial decisions, too.

One method is to trace the chain of title, ideally back to the artist himself (impossible in this case); another is to perform chemical tests on the material of the work; and a third is to compare the appearance of the work to that of works of art known to be authentic.

The fact that the first two methods happened to take longer in the particular case of the Getty statue is happenstance.

And likewise that hospital chairman Brendan Reilly “is a tall man with a runner's slender build.” Or that “inside, JFCOM [Joint Forces Command] looks like a very ordinary office building....

The business of JFCOM, however, is anything but ordinary.” These are typical examples of Gladwell's style, which is bland and padded with cliches. It illustrates not the difference between intuitive thinking and articulate thinking, but different articulate methods of determining the authenticity of a work of art.

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