"I've been living in this damn box for 18 months!

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His "Grenade," which was Number One for four weeks, was originally British Invasion–style Sixties jangle pop, until Mars realized at the last minute that "it sucked" and revamped it just before its release. Even "Uptown Funk" was almost thrown out several times. He turns to his laptop and plays a messy early version, featuring an inexplicable hard-rock breakdown and a chorus with Mars shouting, "Burn this motherfucker down! "And then one day it was like, ' Maybe we don't have a chorus.' " And sometimes it's a single word that can make or break a song.

(He plays me the original, and he is not incorrect. Last year Mars collaborated with Adele for a track on her newest album, 25, called "All I Ask." They got on like gangbusters, knocked the whole thing out in just two sessions.

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He says he wanted to re-create the feeling of the R&B he fell in love with as a kid, growing up in Hawaii in the early Nineties: Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, New Edition and Bobby Brown, Jodeci, Boyz II Men, Teddy Riley, Babyface.

"There's nothing more joyous for me than those school dances," Mars says. in the morning, the band comes out, fucking dipped in Versace. And then the flyest lead singer the world has ever seen comes on and starts singing some shit." The next day, Mars is back in the studio to fix some of the mistakes he heard last night.I love it and I am able to use Yoga Live Link on a regular basis, keeping in great shape and feeling even younger. " I am a Professional Yoga Therapist who is passionate about teaching my students how to apply the ancient science of Yoga in their lives, and how to enhance health and wellness at all levels of the person -- physical, psychological and spiritual.I believe Yoga Live Link is the best system to love your exercise and rejuvenation! But if you thought the song's runaway success would be a confidence-booster, Mars maintains the opposite: It was actually kind of paralyzing. Thirty combined weeks at the top of the chart (44 if you count "Uptown"). I look like an Uber driver") and makes the 20-minute trek to his home in the Hollywood Hills."Coming off the biggest song of my career, it was super-daunting to come in here," he says. "I don't know if people are going to love this shit," he says. But what I don't want to have happen is I put it out and say, ' Damn it, if I'd just done this and this, maybe it would have had a shot.'" But on the other hand ... Two albums, 26 million in sales worldwide, four Grammys and counting. His girlfriend, model Jessica Caban, is already long asleep, so Mars sits in the driveway by himself for another half-hour, listening and re-listening to today's mix.We make it easy for you - all you need is a webcam and Internet connection to embark on your personalized healing journey wherever you are, at the time that works best for you.