I have had bad experiences with the customer service from day one, but this one takes the cake.

In Dec of 2017 I had to upgrade my phone; I spent 0 for a new “up grade”; took my new phone home, got my apps on it and attempted to make a phone call … I could not hear the person on the other end, nor could they hear me; less than 24 hours after buying the phone I went back to the store in Gainesville Texas on hwy 82 where I bought the phone and explained to them what was going on ….

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Manager comes out from the back room ask for my husband to leave his phone there so they could try to get it on. to an hour get an phone call saying theres nothing you can do about it but use your insurance for the same phone.

When me and my husband get ro the store they said i can use the insurance for the same phone supposly people been complaining about problems with that phone response if yall knew about it why didnt u inform the customer.

I am 69 years old and have a medical condition that I have to have a cell phone with me 24 hours a day.

I paid my monthly service on time and when the teller typed my receipt into the computer he typed the wrong number when I got home I noticed the error and called and reported it and I was told it would be corrected within 24 hours..

IVE BEEN A CUSTOMER FOR A LONG TIME OFF AND ON BECAUSE BETTER DEALS WLESE WHERE. When they know they wrong, why argue, just fix it and all is done. Reply i have one of Metro Employer working in Port Charlotte on Kings Hi way he goes by the Name Adam but his real Name is Ghanim Hashasch he has taken me for $ 20.000 to buy a Store ither in Port Charlotte or Ft Myers .i told him to give me back my Money .i am an 83 year old Women he has a real canoeing way to get some Money out of you the Job he can make a lot more Money if he has his owne Store ,he love me so much that i would let him have the Money ,every Day he wants more ,let me drive your Car my Car got to many Miles oh i buy Your Tread mill never Pay for at , i pay for Tricxi the $3000.00 Micro never pay for her got her back in such bad Shape .every day he come to my House without invitation .taken my Phone out of my auto Pay without my Permission ,so all i got to say i told him over an over not to take my $ 20.000 an buy a Metro Store with at i told him for Days an many E Mails that i want my $ 20.000 back ,if he don’t i will have to take him to Court to get at back ,so i hope that you don’t get involved him buying a Metro Store from my Money sincerely Trudy Harteg Reply My husband got screwed by metro pcs.

Old phone the lgk7 wouldnt cutt on it just cutt off after having it for a 1 yr.

If every one would do the same maybe our voices will be herd.

Reply After being a Metro PCS customer for over 10 years I am moving my service to a company who cares about their customers.

save yourself a lot of headaches and trouble DON’T BUY OR DO BUSINESS WITH METRO PCS they will lie to you, they will take advantage of you, they will take your money and run #Metro PCS #badphones #badcustomerservice Reply I have been a customer over 3 years and I would image that metro pcs would like to keep me as customer but I came to realize that Metro pcs doesn’t care for out loyalty.

Customer Service doesn’t help at all , the stores or the corporate stores either.

The company was founded by current CEO, Roger Linquist and Malcolm Lorang.