On the one hand, I had Scott and everything that a successful relationship in the modern university is supposed to be.On the other hand, I had Christ and what could turn out to be a lifetime of emotional hardship. I have loved the Lord as long as I can remember, and had a conversion experience when I was 8.

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I became ill for a month, and found it hard to focus on anything.

When we started reading Purgatorio , I became much more engrossed in the Divine Comedy.

Nevertheless, however you want to deal with it semantically, I experience sexual and romantic attraction towards both men and women, but probably more towards men than women).

In high school and junior high, I didn’t deal with these attractions correctly.

To harmonize with the will of God requires us to overcome our passions and our ego, to make room for the transforming love of God.” That was what I needed the strength to do, to overcome my passions enough to make room for the transforming love of God.

When I returned to my university, after about a week of getting my courage up, I broke things off with Scott.I also have many Christian friends who pray for me and encourage me.However, it has still been a tremendous struggle, and I wish that I had gone to a mental health professional (preferably Christian) when I was having my darkest days.I probably sound like a weak person since that was so hard, but it simply was, and I am a weak person whose only strength comes from the grace of God.It was interesting, because it was a sort of ultimate choice.I write to you as if I am writing to a friend, because I feel that I know you. When I hit puberty, I began to experience attraction to other boys.