I think this question goes beyond the easy answer that some of the suffering is self-inflicted and others are likely just well deserved.

Chatrial girl-58

Kang Joo has taken major strides but in many ways he’s still very brash and sure that he can mow down any obstacle in his way.

Can he still love Doo Rim if that love requires him to be patient and enduring? I don’t find Doo Rim a bleeding heart who would rather suffer so others can be saved.

The title card tells us this is exactly one hundred years ago in the Choi family.

President Ma assists the lady of house over to greet her husband the young master.

He’s been gone for some time to Tokyo so he notices that young Doo Rim has grown up into a young lady now and teases her mom President Ma that she’s ready to be married.

President Ma is the housekeeper of the Choi family and grouses that her Doo Rim is wild like a horse and no one will want her.The young master runs into the family ghost who is very nervous around him.When she bumps him in the courtyard, she pulls him aside and takes his pulse before giving him acupuncture that helps relieve his chronic headaches.I also think there are a few other lingering narrative threads that bubbled to the forefront and was handled really well by throwing the OTP into another quandary.Can they be happy if everyone around them are suffering?She is someone who is really to take a step back and see if that can become the trigger for solving stuck problems.