Just having a baby entitles one to comparative wealth.

Compare my position to that of a woman with a child under five. I sometimes wonder if friends are right to say the only way of improving my prospects is to marry the next man I meet, and eventually find myself in what used to be called “an interesting condition”.

Middle-class women who are single and childless are systematically isolated.

The progressive views articulated in Westminster and sections of the media often belie what the supposedly enlightened really feel about females in my situation.

Far from inhabiting a progressive society, we seem to have regressed into a world that would be more familiar to Jane Austen or Trollope.

According to a new report by the Office of National Statistics, after 40 years of decline, the number of marriages that took place last year rose by 3.7 per cent.

It started with the newspaper columnist Julie Burchill, whom I have never met.

A few years ago, Ms Burchill launched an astonishing personal attack upon me in an article.Overall, female unemployment in the last quarter of 2011 rose by 32,000, while for men it was up by only half that number. I have sacrificed numerous public holidays to allow colleagues to celebrate with their children.In the private sector alone, female unemployment increased by 18 per cent, compared to eight per cent for men. A breakdown of unemployment figures shows that 79 per cent of women who joined the dole queue last year were single and childless. And don’t get me started on maternity leave (up to 12 months! Then, last autumn, I was made redundant from a newspaper.Recently, a famous (male) broadcaster said to me: ''The trouble is, single women without kids don’t really fit in.” He’s right.We don’t fit in to their social and economic comfort zone: a partner, a Victorian semi, and a car full of infant detritus.History tells us that every society needs a social group to pick on in order to assuage its fears, particularly when times are bad.