In honor of Small Business Week, the Small Business Administration holds an annual small business awards competition.The awards include categories for both small businesses and small business advocates.

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In 2018, members can expect to see more events that promote networking as well as more ways to advertise your business through event sponsorship.

They state they are committed to enhancing, advocating, and promoting their member businesses as well as Union County.2017-2018 Youth Leadership Union team has been selected.

He was placed under arrest and was transported to Union County Jail. The 16-year-old driver will be charged with that offense.

The vehicle was turned over to the 16-year-old drivers mother.

Marquise Crosby stated that his father had pulled a gun on him.

The deputy spoke with the father, who said that Crosby wanted to go to his friends house on Lakeside Drive to do drugs, and he refused to take him.

He approached the vehicle, and as the driver let the window down, Suber smelled what seemed to be marijuana. Suber asked the front seat passenger, a 16-year-old female, to step out, and he asked her about the can of beer. A rear seat passenger, Timothy Martin, was asked to step out, and the officer patted him down.

The officer searched the vehicle and found a bud of a green plantlike material under the front passengers seat, an open can of Natty Rush beer was found under the front passengers seat, a Game cigar pack with several "roaches" in it was found on the rear seat, and a loaded .380 pistol was located under the drivers seat.

This year, National Small Business Week is April 29-May 5.