All-Flash is the foundation of the modern data center, bringing high-capacity, high-IOPS, low-TCO storage to organizations of all sizes.From entry-level to enterprise, our broad All-Flash portfolio offers solutions to match any workload.

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It’s a promise to an industry, a community, and every individual.

TASKING enables industry leading companies to fulfill their promise, one line of code at a time.

Meet your specific storage needs from our wide range of solutions: Whether you need performance-optimized flash technologies, ultra-dense storage enclosures, traditional or software-defined storage (SDS) solutions, we can help you choose the right options for your organization’s needs.

Storage is about more than just hardware and management software.

Most of the current VM consolidation approaches apply either heuristic-based techniques, such as static utilization thresholds, decision-making based on statistical analysis of historical data; or simply periodic adaptation of the VM allocation.

Most of those algorithms rely on CPU utilization only for host overload detection.

The reason for this extremely high energy consumption is not just the quantity of computing resources and the power inefficiency of hardware, but rather lies in the inefficient usage of these resources.

VM consolidation involves live migration of VMs hence the capability of transferring a VM between physical servers with a close to zero down time.

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