The city has demonstrated a strong commitment to violence prevention, including teen dating violence, via an integrated public health and public safety partnership that includes strong collaborations between the Chicago Public Health Department and Chicago Public Schools.

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Watch a 3 minute video that describes the Dating Matters Recently, efforts to prevent teen dating violence have grown, particularly in schools and among policymakers and sexual violence and domestic violence prevention groups.

Now many states and communities also are working to stop teen dating violence.

And while a romantic getaway with your partner to an unexplored city takes some planning, not everything does.

In fact, most people out their actually enjoy some spontaneity in their relationship; after all, the feeling of being able to do something spur of the moment is kind of sexy.

And once you start micro-managing your partner, there may be no coming back.

He/she will start to feel stifled, and even worse, trapped. So if you are a control freak like yours truly, here are a few mistakes you can avoid making in a relationship. We will construct every moment to our liking to ensure that nothing ever strays from our grasp.A teacher’s whiteboard presents information in a user-friendly way and provide navigation, help, and interactive resources for use throughout the course.Do you feel like your relationship with your man is on a downhill path?Alameda County Public Health Department will continue to be a leader in teen dating violence prevention through Dating Matters: Understanding Teen Dating Violence Prevention is a free 60-minute, interactive training designed to help educators, youth-serving organizations, and others working with teens understand the risk factors and warning signs associated with teen dating violence.Dating Matters takes place in a virtual school setting, complete with navigation through school hallways and classrooms.I will be the first to admit it: I am a control freak.