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Thus, it would be better to write “Build with support for foo” instead of “Builds with support for foo”; “Add support for foo” would be better than “Adds support for foo”. There's a special file, /usr/ports/UPDATING, that documents any special steps that need to be taken before upgrading ports.

In this example, we ll apply a Portfile patch to the postfix port. For technical reasons, Portsnap does not update the “live” ports tree in /usr/ports/ directly; instead, it works via a compressed copy of the ports tree stored in /var/db/portsnap/ by default.

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Provides essential Portfile Tcl extensions (reinplace, xinstall, etc) usr ports updating.

It also defines some values for Xcode-based software. Updating ports in Free BSD is a three-step process. # portsnap fetch update The second is to check for any big changes that need workarounds.

Mac Ports may be conceptually divided into two main parts: the infrastructure, known as Mac Ports base, and the set of available ports.