Our minds naturally go to a place of duplicitous behavior since we have been programmed with that disposition for so long while involved with them.

I suggested to her to start the clock over and pencil in six months from now and see what happens then. We can't help but wonder what went wrong and are disappointed that this is not what we had hoped for in the beginning when love was flowing.

With a drink inside me, I felt flirtatious, free, glamorous and eternally young.

The other day, I attended an Al-Anon meeting in my area.

I try to go once a week, as I appreciate the shares of disappointment and victories from my fellow members.

Sometimes when we are feeling lonely or sad (especially during holidays or special occasions), and are still wondering what happened, it's important to revisit the reasons why we left the alcoholic/addict to begin with.

I wrote a column some time ago entitled "When Is It Time to Throw in the Towel?

Maybe he was sick, but it seemed odd that he had pursued her for such a long time and didn't offer the next day or as soon as he was feeling better.

It is unfortunate that the alcoholic/addict has so often promised to do one thing or another, only to fall short of that commitment.

She says that the compassion and warmth she learned were from her animal companions; her dog and two ponies.

'I really think that, without my animals, I wouldn't be alive today,' she told the New York Post.

A woman has revealed how her father tortured her as a child to try and turn her into a 'superhuman'.