Yeah, and my character is vicious and naughty, always teasing the men and getting away with murder.

My days are filled with people fussing over me, touching up my make-up, arranging my hair _just_so_, and fitting me for elegant clothing I would normally never have the good taste to wear.

You can see a lot more mixed people on TV, and even (among) models in magazines.” At a summer festival that year half-Japanese half-Papua New Guinean singer Emi Maria left Kay a demo and a note saying “You’re my idol, I’m sad I couldn’t meet you in person.” Nevertheless Kay has commented, “I consider myself a Japanese artist because I was born and raised here, but nationality-wise I look, and am, foreign.” As of July 2009, Kay has released ten albums and she has sold over two million records in Japan as of 2009.

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I am photographed and pampered, and everyone tells me I am beautiful, radiant. I have a beautiful house, huge, and lots of cars with an elegant, handsome chauffeur who also wants me, but I treat him like dirt.

Yeah, and he doesn’t mind at all, but grovels willingly, eager for just an ounce of pleasure from my lips.

He is not permitted to touch me, only to look and lust, to smell my panties, perhaps wearing them on his head for the rest of the evening. I monitor them strictly and severely punish any disobedience. He is a wonderful man, a genius, incredibly handsome and vibrant.

If I see one of them is hungry he is beaten until I am the only food he needs. Though my lovers do not bother him, I must obey him when he wants me or he punishes me soundly. I cannot express how I adore his cruel whip caressing my body so lovingly, the occasional harsh bite drawing deep gasps of pain and delight from my soul.

Her father was a bassist from New Jersey and a sailor in the United States Navy stationed in Yokosuka, Japan.

Her mother was a professional singer with one album while her father played music as a hobby.Kay is fluent in Japanese and English, the latter influencing and making a regular appearance in her songs. Kay has cited Janet Jackson and Michael Jackson as her biggest influences.In Japan she cites the acts of producer Tetsuya Komuro as her J-Pop influences, particularly SPEED and Namie Amuro.This is believed to be the first collaboration between a Japanese artist with an international artist in a long time, the last being B’z who were featured in Steve Vai’s album “Asian Sky” some 13 years ago.MORE INFOMATION ON CRYSTAL KAY: According to Wikipedia, Kay was born and raised in Yokohama in Kanagawa Prefecture to an African American father and a Zainichi Korean mother.I let him kiss my feet and then I kick him away, laughing at his troubled expression. All of them handsome, many of them wealthy and powerful. But they crawl to me, begging for just the sweet touch of my hand, my casual caress. If it bothers them they do not complain; they would not dare. Yes, that way they are waiting for me when I come home.