GMB Call For Talks To End Long Running Dispute In Swindon Hospital As Carillion Slammed By NHS Trust In Damning Report NHS Trust report completely vindicates what GMB has said about Carillion since we were first approached by staff in 2011 and throughout the subsequent dispute says GMB.

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The EHO identified a number of issues, including: • Chillers for sandwiches kept at the wrong temperatures outside of DH/EHO guidance • Inadequate calibration of temperature probes meaning inadequate assurance around food safety • Unclear date labelling on food • Food storage equipment recording the wrong temperatures with no attempt to resolve • Uncovered food in freezers and an example of out of date food • Sanitising solution in ward kitchens not always available As a result Carillion have been given a one star environmental health rating (out of five) and received an Improvement Notice.

The Improvement Notice was lifted on the 27th June 2014 however the one star rating remains.

• Hard facilities management - estate maintenance and infrastructure • General management – focus to deliver substantive improvements and change Some of these ongoing issues have the potential for significant impact on patients, visitors and staff whilst some are an indication of the management effort required by the Trust to ensure a focus on delivery is maintained.

The primary areas of concern, amongst a much longer list, are follows: Environmental Health inspection In April this year, the local Environmental Health Team inspected the kitchens and food preparation areas under Carillion’s responsibility.

The paper sets out the key concerns the Trust has about Carillion’s ability to tackle these issues to ensure our patients, visitors and staff are receiving the highest quality service.

Due to the nature of the issues, the Trust has lost confidence in Carillion’s ability to resolve these issues and the Trust continues to pursue all means necessary to ensure they remain focussed on addressing them. Support the work taking place to use any contractual means available to push Carillion and Semperian to resolve these issues once and for all for our patients. Endorse the establishment of a small project group chaired by Steve Nowell to report to the Board providing a clear plan and timetable and in identifying risks and mitigations for any transition. Request the most senior representation from Semperian and Carillion to present to the full Trust Board meeting to detail their plans for resolving these issues including clear, unambiguous timescales so the Board can hold them to account.

These issues have been a frequent topic for Board discussions and debate for some time.

The concerns the Trust has regarding Carillion and the quality of their provision, relate to three key areas: • Soft facilities management – cleaning, catering.

Link to Trust Priorities (a) We will make the patient the centre of everything we do.