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I hate to say it, but my skin crawls the very sight of her. You will need time to heal, but life and love and kids are hard enough!

My anger goes through the roof at the very sound of her voice. I want to bond with her like she is my own daughter, but how do I get past all the anger that has been built for so long???? My husband's girl is 16 and I'm so pissed when she gets away with everything!

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My fiance always has to cut things short BECAUSE SHE DOESN'T LIKE IT OR SHE IS TIRED. She cried for so long just because Marlon got to eat popsicles and she didn't.

She is ALWAYS in competition with Marlon and with me.

She always has to have Daddy's attention no matter what.

I can't stand the crying, the whinning, the babyness anymore!!!!

He always tells me that he will talk to her, but never does. She is constantly out of energy, so when we go out, she is always complaining and whinning because SHE is tired.

She gets away with EVERYTHING, BUT WHEN IT COMES TO MY SON, OOOOHHHHH NNNNOOOOOO, MY FIANCE IS ON HIS BUTT RIGHT AWAY. She doesn't care that everyone else is enjoying themselves.

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