Well Tory is the kind of lady that gets what she wants and she wants the broker to with his cum.

The broker is hesitant at first since he is a married man, but he can't say no once Tory gets her hands on him.

Chrissy decided to rob him for ,000 then she ran to Miami to shop and have fun on his dime.

The Nicca knocked out her front teeth and in return Chrissy had her peeps send him a message that if he does not pay for her dental bill and buy her breast implants he’s going to get hit with the Rico Act.

I also do all the recruitment for the clubs and manage them all so life is crazy.

I went to her site right away and I saw how much fun she was having and how she obviously didn't care what anyone said about her and I was hooked.

Nicholas Reed and Asher Hawk met in a diversion class the county court made them attend.

They bonded over talk of cigarettes in the boys room, huffing her home.

Brandy also now manages our company, trains all our new girls and on and on.

She has the looks and the brains, oh and she is by far the naughtiest girl to ever work for our company.

Those rumors are nice fodder, but folks are trolling Lampkin’s Instagram page and they don’t see her stunting with a ring of her own.