This way, you`ll be able to save the potions for the difficult fights. Also, in difficult fights, try using the special attacks to lower the enemy`s DEXTERITY and ARMOR, especially if they`re high. I was gonna ask if anyone had success with the Sirens since every time it seemed to fail for me. Well it had an interesting introduction, but Luke`s personality was killing the game play for me.When you have the Berserker moves, it`ll be better. He looks like Vlad the impaler, but has the mindset of a 10 year old pretending to be a hero.

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I just dislike the idea of grinding to level up, but it`s worth all the effort when you get every upgrade. You may want to hit go back to the city to do a route more than one times for gold and exp-gold lets get equipment and leveling up improves your stats as well. Set some time aside if you`re going to get the best ending.

Use the apples, breads and chickens to restore HP (click on the guy`s face when in route for a quest or in the town to use them). Would look up a guide to avoid the bad endings at least, since it`s a big time commitment, and you`d have to start all over.

A bit tedious with the battles but still a nice change of pace for Lesson of Passion with this type of role playing game. If your an old RPG gamer such as myself or your looking for a little hot erotica this game will not disappoint you in the slightest. Probably one of the best flash erotic fantasy RPGs out there Pros: - Very good graphics (as per LOP in general) - Good RPG system (it makes sense in the world presented) - Decent choice of female characters to encounter - Good humor (most of the time) Cons: - At times (if you are unlucky especially) it requires a lot of time to "grind" exp/money - Endings in general feel disappointing This game is quite good. But if you`ve got time and you want to make a quest until you find a beautiful girl then this game is for you.

Could have done with less ambushes on the journeys, but overall, the models, scenery, and animations were beautiful as always. Something wrong : the scenes aren`t really well made. I especially like the various scenes you can unlock.

Is the guard station intended as a trap and dead end? why not after you defeat her knight that she makes you an offer to not bring her back?

I`d like to take advantage of some of the female bandits who attack... And yes, I`d like an interactive sequence with the princess. Girls I liked the most were the Merchant, the Courtesan and Princess Amanda (too bad you only get the ending scene and nothing more with her...:/). Some tips: Accept all missions but do them in order of easiest (one star)-hardest (five stars). There should definately be some interactive scenes with the Princess. I think there is a little bug : when you choose to fight the knight and kill him, the game give some weird screens.

I enjoy this kind of build up the character and also get lucky.

Does anyone have a list of all the girls you can get?

i"ll be waiting for it 1st END: Keep yourself the Goblin Slasher Amulet, and kill the Goblin in the Princess quest. 3rd END: Join the guards, right before going to the last quest, go to the Guard Point.

4th END: At the same point in the adventure, don`t join the guards and go alone. Clicking the save icon doesn`t do nothing apparently.

Once you figure out how to play you just more or less keep doing the exact same thing in combat.