It is unfortunate though that some men find it difficult to render support to their wives’ careers if their wives earn more than they do.

Consequently, in some cases where the wife outperforms the husband in earnings, sex lives are likely to suffer, feelings of love are more likely to diminish and marriages are more likely to end in divorce.

Where a woman earns more it must be viewed from a positive perspective.

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Therefore, where a wife earns more, it is important to appreciate what both parties are doing and how their earnings contribute to the success of the marriage.

It must be borne in mind too that there is a lot more to a marriage than just financial support. There are some couples who are financially stable but unhappy.

Women are happier in a relationship where the husband is able support the family and the wife is able to raise the family.

Men should also learn to appreciate that life for women is no longer what it was 50 or 60 years ago.

Some men feel really threatened by this development as some feel that dating a woman who has the same qualifications or higher qualifications might compromise their superior positions as men and threaten their manhood.

However, some research results point out that men do not worry much about how strong or successful a woman is but that they get worried when such attributes cross too far into a relationship and when women try to dominate.

Couples should realise that it really does not matter who earns more money but that it is important to work together to meet the needs of their families.

There are much more important things in a marriage to worry about than who makes more money.

The lesson here is this: Acting masculine in your relationship is NEVER going to get you what you want — a man’s man.