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Marriage agency "INFINITY" Lviv, Russkaya str 1 38 093-851-04-10 3.

Dating service "You and she" Lviv 38 067 831 97 70 4.

More than 50 thousand people visited the restaurant during the first month.

At the beginning of spring, 2007, somewhere at Rynok Square in Lviv, three young businessmen and non-conformists, felt an irresistible urge to make their own company, based on principles and values they shared.

"Svaha" ua 38 067 341 47 33 38 067 455 20 77 Naukova str & Chornovola str..

Lviv, Ukraine Today in Lvov work several dozens of dating services and agencies.

What European city has fallen under the rule of the Polish Empire, the Hapsburgs, the Soviets and the Nazis?

Here's a clue: It's lined with cobbled roads and features some of the world's most eclectic examples of historic architecture -- from renaissance to baroque to art deco.

According to research from the Lausanne School of hotel business, Lviv experienced a sudden 40% increase in tourism in early 2010, compared to the previous three-year average. In the mid 90s, Yaroslav Rushchyshyn began producing women's clothes, paying his workers a month.