Now, David has been raving over the show once more, sharing his image with John, who plays Sam in the hit show.

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Max and Bella are the top dog names in the country.

Although there are some creative pet names around Boise like Limo, Bronco, and Cat floating around for our beloved dogs, the names that are most popular would work for pets or people. Today may not be the day to try on a bathing suit after wolfing down a pizza, a pound of wings, and a tub of queso at the football party yesterday.

But do you know exactly what you're shopping for in a new grill?

If you need a little clarity on BTUs and cast iron grates, this will help.

But behind her winsome smile, she divulges to me that she was once a little girl who had to bear the frustration of seeing women trodden upon in society, and who witnessed the public standing by while a man hit a woman.

“That is an injustice to any human being,” she declares, vehemently.

Feel free to connect via email anytime using the form here on the website. We've got just three chances left to see them play at home this season during the regular season, and the Big Dan…We'll see the Girl Scouts set up outside grocery stores selling cookies later this month, but will they be there at precisely the minute that Thin Mint craving strikes? Find out with this handy Girl Scout Cookie locator.

Art in the Park will draw thousands of visitors again this September, and if you're an artist that wants to showcase your skills and sell some works, now is the time to apply for some space at the event.

But as we shop this spring, more retailers will be giving us options regardless of body type. Speeders and aggressive drivers might be the obvious ones to get traffic tickets, but officers are also looking for slow drivers.

Those folks will get a ticket in a certain situation.

I've got three daughters, and that means I'm an Uber mom, taking them to gymnastics, karate, softball, or whatever is in season.