The time the whole process takes can depend on how behind in payments you are; the creditors and debt collectors you are dealing with; what kind of money you have set aside to fund any negotiated offers; and what your financial goals are. What is rarely discussed by people and companies selling debt settlement services is how long a settlement program be allowed to go before you should eliminate the notion it will get you where you need to be.

The answer to this is not short and will vary for each person considering debt settlement.

Companies have been offering debt settlement programs to the public promoting time frames that are easier to sell, but more of a crap shoot to complete.

Depending on how long you have been delinquent in payments, negotiating and settling credit card debts for good can have an overall positive influence on your credit score.

Access to new credit products can be easier obtained when you don’t have delinquent and outstanding debts.

This means you compared all of your alternatives and reached a decision that made sense for you.

I find that negotiating debts will often fail to deliver the needed results when you are not involved in the process to some degree.

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You are also encouraged to ask any questions you may have by taking advantage of the “ASK Michael” feature of this site.Debt settlement is a proven effective means to eliminate debt for the right person.For a more detailed explanation of what debt settlement is and why it works read: Debt Settlement – Why Banks Do It – How It Works.At its core, debt settlement is the best option for a creditor to “lose the least” on accounts that default in payment.The process can be made to be largely predictable due to established timelines and bank policies which can and do vary from creditor to creditor.You may have read some poorly crafted information online. Also consider, it is often the high fees charged by most professionals offering their assistance that leads to longer program lengths.