If you are a withholding agent making a payment of U. source fixed or determinable, annual or periodical (FDAP) income, you should continue to fulfill your chapter 3 reporting and withholding obligations (as required) using these forms in addition to using these forms to satisfy any withholding or reporting obligations you may have under chapter 4.

In addition, a partnership that has ECTI allocable to a foreign partner is a withholding agent with respect to that income and must withhold in accordance with the provisions of Regulations sections 1.1446-1 through 1.1446-6.

See the Instructions for Forms 8804, 8805, and 8813.

See Regulations section 1.1471-5(g) for when a participating FFI or registered deemed-compliant FFI must treat an account holder as a recalcitrant account holder. or foreign, in whatever capacity acting, that has control, receipt, custody, disposal, or payment of an amount subject to withholding for chapter 3 purposes or a withholdable payment for chapter 4 purposes is a withholding agent.

An FFI that is considered a reporting FFI under a Model 1 or Model 2 intergovernmental agreement (IGA) may apply the requirements of the applicable IGA to document its account holders for purposes of FATCA. The withholding agent may be an individual, corporation, partnership, trust, association, or any other entity, including (but not limited to) any foreign intermediary, foreign partnership, or U. branch of certain foreign banks and insurance companies.

If several persons qualify as withholding agents for a single payment, the tax required to be withheld must only be withheld once.

Generally, the person who pays (or causes to be paid) an amount subject to withholding under chapter 3 or a withholdable payment to the foreign person (or to its agent) must withhold.

FDAP income is all income included in gross income, including interest (and original issue discount), dividends, rents, royalties, and compensation.

FDAP income does not include most gains from the sale of property (including market discount and option premiums).

Generally, for purposes of chapter 3, you must withhold 30% from the gross amount of FDAP income paid to a foreign person that is an amount subject to chapter 3 withholding under Regulations section 1.1441-2(a) unless you can reliably associate the payment with a Form W-8 or other permitted documentation.