After meeting on a dating site or being introduced via Facebook by a friend, a two single folks usually don't have to wait too long to meet face-to-face.

A few emails are exchanged and then the two decide to meet up for a date.

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At one point, he recounts the field notes he’s made from dating different 22-year-old women over a period of 15 years.

Peculiarly eager to eat out your asshole now, he observes of 22-year-olds today.

At first, he’s a classic Tinder jerk, flitting in and out of women’s lives with limited regard for their emotions, though he’s highly attuned to his own.

During the shoot, when the filmmakers press Rhine on why he starts ignoring women instead of directly telling them that he’s no longer interested, he admits, “I just don’t want to deal with their feelings.”It’s enough to raise the hackles of any woman who’s ever known a thoughtless man.

Gradually, he began “leveling” with them: In a raw moment toward the end of the episode, the aforementioned “sensitive” woman confronts him in person (the filmmakers had to shoot from a distance, at her request).

That conversation spurs a string of revelations for Rhine, and he later grapples with his bad behavior; during one of these scenes, he shows the filmmakers a notebook containing a list of women he’s slept with.

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and it follows two young people as they develop a very intimate relationship through IM, Facebook and Skype.