I thought her boyfriend was the owner or something of Rogue Status?

I remember somewhere earlier in this thread it said they had been together for years.

“He had style and grace that most of us can only wish for,” legend Tony Hawk tells PEOPLE of the beloved skater.

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’ ” “But he went to get blood work done and found out the news and everything changed.” #https://instagram.com/p/BLgo E4EBc H3/ When Rieder told Oblow about his diagnosis on the phone that summer, the skater’s shaking voice gave away the seriousness of his prognosis.

“He was crying, and that was really hard to hear,” says Oblow.

“He beat cancer twice, he felt on top of the world,” says Oblow.

“So he decided to live life.” In the weeks before he died, Rieder frequented the beach, his favorite spot, with Oblow.

“It was very shocking hearing what was coming out of his mouth and hearing him cry.

He was an emotional person, but not a person that would call crying.

“He called me up and said he was really tired and had a lack of energy,” recalls Oblow.