If you are bored with the predefined formats, you can easily define your own table formatting color schemes and apply them.When you create a table, zebra lines come as a bonus.

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They are intuitive, easy to use and provide great power without added complexity.

Excel 2007 Review – 10 things better and cooler in excel 2007 Excel 2007 Productivity Tips & Tricks Excel Pivot Tables – Tutorial & Tricks Excel Conditional Formatting – 5 Must Know Tricks At Chandoo.org, I have one goal, "to make you awesome in excel and charting".

These solutions work both for cells colored manually and with conditional formatting.

You will also learn how to filter cells by several colors in Excel 2010, Excel 2013 and Excel 2016.

If you actively use diverse fill and font colors in your Excel worksheets to differentiate between various types of cells or values, you may want to know how many cells are highlighted in a certain color.

If your cells' values are numbers, you may also want to automatically calculate the sum of cells shaded with the same color, e.g. As all of us know, Microsoft Excel provides a variety of formulas for different purposes, and it would be logical to assume that there are some to count cells by color.

If you know very little about this technology or have never heard this term before, don't be afraid, you will not have to write the code yourself.

You will find the perfect code (written by our Excel guru) here and all that you will have to do is copy / paste it into your workbook. What we want now is automatically count cells by color, i.e.

” When you make a table (more on this in a sec) you can easily add more rows to it without worrying about updating formula references, formatting options, filter settings etc.

Today we will learn 10 excel data table tricks that will make you a data god, no, lets make it data GOD.

Excel will take care of the formulas and change the references to cell references.