His Uncle Percy had co-founded the Harriman bank with George Walker, and backed George Bush's father in several Nazi German enterprises. Yuelu Academy was founded in 976 AD (Song Dynasty), destroyed by war in 1127, and rebuilt in 1165 (Southern Song Dynasty).

His grandfather had been the founding treasurer of the Standard Oil Company, and had made the Harrimans (and thus, ultimately, George Bush) rich. The celebrated philosopher Zhu Xi taught in at the Academy in 1165.

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These families, whose sons regularly join Skull and Bones, include the little known, but powerful, Coffins, Sloanes, Tafts, Bundys, Paynes, Whitneys. James Lilley, the current Ambassador to China, is a member of Skull and Bones, as was his brother.

With the exception during the Carter administration, every U. Ambassador to Beijing ,since Kissinger's deal with Mao Zedong was a member of the Skulls and Bones.

It was destroyed by the Mongols but was restored in the late-fifteenth century (Ming Dynasty). The modern day Hunan University is a descendant of the academy.

The architecture of some of the buildings was restored from 19811986, presumably according to the Song design.

Union Theological was dominated for twenty years by Henry Sloane Coffin, a U. intelligence executive from the Sloane and Coffin families.

He was a Skull and Bones member as were a dozen of his relatives.

The Yali Academy -- later known as the Yali Middle School -- opened its doors to Chinese students in 1906 in the ancient walled city of Changsha.

There, students were instructed in both Western and Chinese subject matter.

Soon, recent Yale graduates began to be recruited as short-term instructors, known as the "Bachelors." By 1918, due to the generosity of Edward Harkness, construction was completed on a new, state-of-the-art medical college, hospital and middle school campus.

Era of 'enlightenment' Relations between the local Chinese government and students and the Yale staff members were delicate from the start. It is involved in the new biometric microchip enabled RFID e Passport that American citizens will soon have to have. Transcore, privately held, based in Dallas , Texas, USA. Transcore is also helping Chinese customs keep their countrys border secure .

Antony Sutton in his book 'The Patriot Review', not only did the Skulls and Bones help to build up the Communist movement in China, but they gave financial aide to the Soviet Union communists as well.