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But the sad fact is, some loving and responsible parents have found themselves in legal trouble when a busybody or law enforcement official perceived their actions as unacceptable. § 291C-121.5 Child under 9 left alone for 5 minutes or longer without someone 12 years or older Home Alone Age: N/A Child Neglect: Haw.

Until the day we see the Free-Range Kids and Parents Bill of Rights become the law of the land—a bill stating kids have the right to spend some time unsupervised, and parents have the right to let them—here’s a guide to state child welfare laws. § 827.03 Failure to provide a child with supervision Child Endangerment: N/A Georgia Unattended in Vehicle: N/A Home Alone Age: 8 (Guideline) From Georgia’s DHS Website: Children under 8 years old should never be left alone, even for short periods of time.

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