A big guy oftentimes doesn't even have to open his mouth; he is physically imposing and gets respect.

I now find they're more respectful and less confrontational. It also means the bad guys are much less likely to target me because they assume I can whip open a can of whoopass when necessary.

That holds true whether I'm on a date with a girl or out with my family.

We all know when entering a relationship that some of our partner's characteristics begin to rub off on us.

If you're dating a guy who works hard, is committed and dedicated in his everyday life, is focused on his goals, and lives a healthy life, it's natural that you'll be affected in a positive, affirming manner.

Japanese babes are the hottest and most cock hungry among all Asians.

They are the most beautiful as well, with stunning bodies, amazingly cute faces, big and perky tits, fine asses and wonderful, a little hairy pussies!

For many bodybuilders, it's simply easier to learn to cook those same foods on our own.

Dating a bodybuilder means you'll appreciate different dishes and foods that are incredibly clean and healthy.

It seems it's hunting season, only this time the target is us! Yet another article reasoning why women shouldn't date a bodybuilder. Forget the sheer volume of hours—measurable in years—it takes to build our physiques. The self-discipline we employ at the gym doesn't suddenly manifest itself when we walk into a gym and then disappear as soon as we exit.