Wonder why my comments of a few days ago weren’t posted?

In a nutshell, I think the Gatlinburg Chamber of Commerce/Visitors Bureau, or some coalition of businesses should be sponsoring several controllable cams around town.

I know that may sound weird to some people but not for me.

But, as someone else said, they (Gat./PF) take in a lot of money (look at the taxes they collect) and the money that tourists spend there to justify using the webcams for advertisement and tourist information.

I do realize though that the mentality of some of the people in charge there don’t really understand it so that’s why the webcams don’t get fixed. We visit Gatlinburg and the mountains several times a year. I love seeing the ones that show snow, fall colors, events that go on downtown and many other things. Thanks We will be visiting Gatlinburg for the first time on Dec.

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You are 100% correct in that we do not own nor do we maintain any of the cams listed on our page.

And as you stated we have created this list for the sheer convenience of having all the cams listed in one place.

We really enjoy using these webcams but the only one that is working is the one on the Mountain Mall. I”ve been to Gatlinburg I don’t know how many times but still like to peek in when I”m not there to see how things are going.

I”m willing, too, to pay a small fee each year to have webcam use.

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