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So I brought my jersey just to make sure he could find me at JFK after he treated me to lunch I almost forgot to take pics and ran back to him. there are many who have tried to produce a backpack type loader.

He asked if I wanted to take one with my team jersey I was like…. Too bad you can see my team I will show you all later. Some have created a backpack caddy system, others have taken backpacks and converted them into loaders. )* I must say, I am a fan and hope this product can really get into production and stick to the market.

Maxxloader is a real product is almost done and will be in Germany soon.

I have reviewed the patents and while I am not a patent Lawyer it looks obvious enough to me that the patents do not infringe on anything owned by the people who now own the few Strikeloader patents. Johannes of Maxxloader and he answered many detailed questions about Maxxloader, the company, and himself for me “a nobody”.

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I do have new updates about Maxxloader and …..”Strikeloader-mia” ******** NOTE: all content written is a mix of both my opinion and facts that I have gathered to support those opinions, and my not reflect opinions of others and that sorta crap****** *So update, so far as I can tell Strikeloader is “dead-in-the-water” They would rather waste the copious amount of funds they have received on false legal pursuits on Maxxloader patents, **edit: which btw as mentioned in the most recent comment no legal body has come forth to Maxxloader regarding any suites regarding patents etc….