in fact at that time his verbal support also meant a lot and I didn't feel like taki g my mother alone to the car.

In the meantime my husband called and we reached the parking area on basement 1. Jackson helped us in shifting her to car and then I remember that we forgot our meal ordrers there.

We ordered chicken karhai (which was just eatable) beef bihari boti was fine.

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invoice should be pasted on top to cancel any xtra amount....

i received order after 15 days and in ds delay few items went out of stock tym it wud had infrmedthen blessed friday sale frm oder sources wud had availedto teach your security staff some basic ethics that wouldn’t cost you alot.

granted their prices a bit high but that is nothing to the staff members who are professional and know their job well!!

whenever I found anything wrong with the items I purchased they were more than willing to exchange with other goods!! After reminding the waiter multiple times he took our order.

he very quickly and wisely understood the situation and told me not to worry and wait .

with in moments he brought a clean wheel chair and asked the other staff member to take care of our belongings.That further strengthen our bond with dolmen city . I advise luckyone management that they should not do such ventures if they couldn't manage it.We have been a frequent visitor since very beginning. Jackson greeted us especially our kids and always asks Sahab kahan hain , it makes dolmen city our home out of a home. Coz it could really turn ugly incase of any mishap or accident.After praying and finishing our meal, my husband and kids went to sindbad and me and my mother stayed in the food court.All of a sudden my mother went pale and uncomfortable.) We ordered 3 naans and 1 parhata of which only 2 were served.