Then, the operator will send you the floor and room (flat) number where the escort girl will welcome you.Sex SERVICES: We are very serious about the reliability of the information on our escort site.

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We inform the girl that she should only specify the services on her profile that she is willing to offer to her clients.

We expect that the girls will follow our regulations.

These people write regularly and asks different questions constantly, but they do not have the time or the intention to have a real meeting with the girl. You've read our rules and recommendations how to set up a meeting with the girl quickly and correctly. Of course, for any violation of faults of our side we are willing to compensate you for any inconvenience that you may have encountered.

Roksolana wishes to offer our clients the best possible service and pleasure with our girls. All complaints, suggestions and requests you can send to: email: [email protected] App: 31626015619 Kind Regards Roksolana Team English version click here Dutch version click here We would like to tell more about roksolana escort service.

The profile of each girl contains a detailed list of the standard services that she offers.

Extra services are also possible for an additional price.

A client expect the services that he pays for to be offered to him.

If a girl is not willing offer the services that are described on her profile on our website she will face consequences.

The time you want to book with the girl will be saved for you by the operator.

On the day of the meeting operator can send you a message by SMS or Whats App in the morning to confirm the sexdating. Booking in advance has the advantage that you can choose any time that is convenient for you which will be reserved for you.

If you agree with this information you should send your confirmation to us, for example " Ok" or " Ok I will come" by SMS or Whats App to Roksolana. After you send your confirmation the operator must send a confirmation SMS to you as well with the following information: "Thanks, your booking is confirmed.