Non temos palabras para transmitirvos a súa desolación e non temos cara suficiente para soportar a vergoña propia e allea que agora mesmo sentimos e que sabemos que sentirá moita xente ao pasar hoxe por alí.

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Traditional marriage proposals generally start with the horoscope matching and proceeded only if they are considered matching.

Although this is not something scientifically explained as to how things happens as per star locations, it is all about belief and faith in Astrology.

For instance, old man can disguise himself to be a young girl ...

For most Buddhists in Sri Lanka, horoscope matching is still a prerequisite for a marriage.

First step of the horoscope matching in marriage proposals is Porondam matching where the horoscopes of the two partners are matched against set guidelines. Basic is to match eight Porondam and then ten & twenty Porondam.

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