His has a great ability to capture a particular style of play, where the mistress affects a caring attitude whilst doing unspeakably sadistic things. His imagination and clever dialog easily make up for the occasional wonky drawing.

Funtari date video

Hopefully, it’ll be useful for anyone looking for additional material on specific femdom artists, as well as for anyone looking for new artwork in particular styles or fetishes.

Augustine specializes in scenes involving predicament bondage, heavy restraints, teasing, tickling and toilet/medical play (enemas, catheters, piss drinking, etc.).

However, he is a master of capturing a particular type of erotic tension in his drawings.

Personally I think his work is incredibly exciting.

He illustrated most gender combinations, but Femdom/Femsub appears to be his preferred pairing.

His work is typically more exaggerated than Stanton’s, with extreme figures and less realistic scenarios.

He plays with a wide variety of gender combinations, although always putting a dominated feminized man somewhere near the center of the action.

The main source for his work is a series of magazines called ‘Forced Womanhood’.

Two pages on the Fetish Artists site here and here. If anyone knows of a definitive collection of her work then please let me know.

Bruce Baker focuses exclusively on men transformed into she-males and then compelled to service both men and women.

However, that series finished its publishing run several years ago and the publishers site doesn’t look particularly up to date.