Barbara O’Toole aka Barb created a number of drawings themed around spanking and domestic discipline.

They typically feature an older woman with a younger man, and are based in conventional settings for discipline to take place.

The g.e-hentai site also has a large number of galleries featuring his work, and there are a few imagefap galleries (for example here, here and here).

Funtari date video

Often an ongoing relationship is implied between the characters (e.g.

husband/wife or mother/son), and he makes clever use of speech bubbles to flesh out the story he’s trying to tell.

Typically there’s an implication of a wife or girlfriend forcing the submissive man into his new position as sexual plaything for her.

His drawing style is quite distinctive, making good use of color and shading to develop very solid three dimensional figures that really pop from his fairly basic backgrounds.

Hopefully, it’ll be useful for anyone looking for additional material on specific femdom artists, as well as for anyone looking for new artwork in particular styles or fetishes.

Augustine specializes in scenes involving predicament bondage, heavy restraints, teasing, tickling and toilet/medical play (enemas, catheters, piss drinking, etc.).

The best image source I’ve located is this dedicated site with regular postings of his old images.

Other sources include this gallery on the Retroguy site, several posts on the Fetish Artist site, a collection of cover images on flickr and a single gallery with a F/m cross-dressing theme on the g.e-hentai site.

His has a great ability to capture a particular style of play, where the mistress affects a caring attitude whilst doing unspeakably sadistic things. His imagination and clever dialog easily make up for the occasional wonky drawing.