The death of his younger brother, who loved life and athletics, came as a total and almost incomprehensible shock.

Garda Clerkin had just bought a plot of land in Portarlington, hoping to build on it and marry his girlfriend.‘Thinking back, it is still very emotional,’ Peter said. She had cancer but she could not deal with the trauma of what happened to Michael and that led to her death.

‘I personally think that this run for presidency is simply to test the waters in the south.

But she warned that it is not expected to unearth a specific order for rank-and-file gardaí to hit bigger targets."They are likely to report to us that there was an implicit expectation in relation to breath tests rather than an explicit direction," Ms Feehily told the Oireachtas Justice Committee.

The Policing Authority chief also said that it was difficult to imagine such huge discrepancies in breath test numbers without gardaí of all ranks knowing."I think it's difficult to conceive that there wouldn't be knowledge at various levels throughout the organisation," she said.

He added: "I agree the process should not be rushed.

It is important we get the right person for the job."Ms Feehily said questions would have to be asked about how delaying a new appointment would impact policing."If I was a candidate, I kind of might want to know what job was going to be laid out before me in the future before deciding whether to apply," the Policing Authority chief said."On the other hand ...

Commission chief Kathleen O'Toole wrote to Justice Minister Charlie Flanagan this week saying that it would be a serious mistake to recruit a new chief before the reform recommendations are made about a year from now.

She said they will affect the specifications of the job and how the force will be managed.

If we got the chance, we would ask Martin Mc Guinness if he would condemn the attack on Michael.

The word, “condemn”, has not yet been used.‘I would also ask him who killed Michael.

The Acting Garda Commissioner and the force's principal watchdog have clashed over where the blame lies for the scandal of 1.4 million bogus breath tests.

Josephine Feehily, chairwoman of the Policing Authority, revealed a review is likely to pin fault on implicit performance demands on officers.

A standard recruitment process for a new Commissioner should take eight months.