Assuming you’ve been friends with them for at least a few years.

You’ve been seeing each other all the time, texting, calling they even brought up the topic of exclusivity.

Treat him like a casual friend who always brings a smile to your face when she calls you. It feels bad.” Then refrain from any more words and see what he has to say.

Do nothing to chase him and focus instead on remaining still and calm and having welcoming energy oozing from an open heart.

Don’t call him or invite him places or give him gifts or cute “friendly” text messages, etc.

I became a mom, a buddy, and a psychologist all wrapped up in one. When you chase a man by becoming a shape-shifter for him (“I’ll shift into any role you need of me! Shape-shifting has a stench of neediness and desperation, and a man will sense that all your polite gestures aren’t free.

He will begin to feel manipulated and obliged to you, and that’s smothering. In my past, while I was pulling a man toward me by chasing him, I was also, at the same time, pushing him away with rejecting behavior.

If your relationship has done a 180 and you are now pursuing the man you love instead of being adamantly pursued by him, I know exactly how you feel.

I’ve dated a few guys who went from in love to missing in action.

It’s up to you to pinpoint how long you’re willing to wait and see if the other person is really losing interest.

It’s possible that the relationship is cooling off, and you’ve both been staving off an inevitable breakup. Remember that you can’t control how another person feels. You can influence another person’s feelings, but ultimately that person is responsible for them.

In fact, it’s more common than most people realize so don’t feel bad or that you are alone. However, what I find most often is that when a woman repeatedly suffers through men losing interest, it’s because she hasn’t discovered the little-known “gap” in men’s minds that cause them to lose interest in a woman and a relationship.