Hermione had noticed that early on that the elf never made work for the elves working in the castle.“Thank you, Emmie.” The elf disappeared with a little pop but Hermione felt her brush past as they left the table.Arthur Weasley had tried very hard to limit the damage done to the rest of his children and she did wonder if he’d succeeded.

The silence was actually oppressive and not at all how the class normally functioned.

Draco sighed suddenly and dropped his quill on the table.

They all worked hard to insure most of the money made went into the Foundation.

Babbling stopped at their table, watched Hermione for a few minutes and moved on.

So he was working on a way to embed pensieve qualities to the parchment.

His success was varied and while they could’ve outsourced the project, it would’ve meant sharing the profit with an outside source.“Come on, we only have five minutes until Ancient Runes.” – – – – Ancient Runes was painfully awkward. Harry didn’t have any house bias that he was aware of. He noticed as soon as they entered the room that for the first time since the school year started that everyone was divided clearly by house.They were all working on individual projects in the class so after they’d retrieved their own projects from storage, Harry and Hermione had taken a table in between the Ravenclaws and the Slytherins.For many weeks now, the nation has collectively clung like a limpet to the prospect of an engagement between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, with bookies suspending betting and royal experts analysing every cough, spit and splutter to come from the general direction of Kensington Palace.Now, it has been confirmed, we will no doubt have months of commentary on the significance of him choosing to marry a mixed-race American divorcee, as if Prince Harry has spent the last few years of his life carefully selecting his bride-to-be entirely on the basis of how much she will put up the backs of ardent royalists. It was the last day of classes before the Yule break and she was looking forward to it.