In this tutorial we are going to take a look on all these changes and demonstrate the different usage scenarios on real examples.

'' : ' '; // T - denotes that stream would be otherwise not shown, cuz of banned country or state if (['T'] == 1 && mystream_id/1 !

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They allow adding new methods to existing interfaces without breaking the binary compatibility with the code written for older versions of those interfaces.

The difference between default methods and abstract methods is that abstract methods are required to be implemented.

Myers arranged for a car to be sent to a corner nearby with ammunition for the pistol he stole from Alan Hayes.

In the meantime, he had Lauren retrieve bolt cutters outside and cut his handcuffs, and made small talk with her about their days.

Default methods implementation on JVM is very efficient and is supported by the byte code instructions for method invocation.

It brings tons of new features to the Java as a language, its compiler, libraries, tools and the JVM (Java virtual machine) itself.

Lauren was convicted of a DUI and ordered to report to court at am on Day 1.