Ride out the waves, sister, just as you might if you were lost at sea and remember that kicking and screaming when you think you are going to drown only brings you that much closer to doing so. If you feel unloved or ignored or sad, do something that you think will make him feel loved, wanted, less alone.Instead of focusing on what things are like for you, try to think about walking in his boots a little bit every day.6.

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In no way equals the selflessness it takes to put your life on your line for another soldier--be grateful you are safe at home.4.

Always try to remember that no matter how hard it is for you, that he probably has a lot of the very same loneliness that you do, except he's also in a combat zone.

I was a military girlfriend with a deployed service member and I struggled to balance waiting by the phone with getting out of the house and enjoying life. I always had a feeling about him from the moment we met. Much has changed since my first months as a military girlfriend. Think of your relationship as a beautiful brick wall built by both you and your service member.

I laid down on my couch getting ready to watch a movie, wondering what he was doing at that very moment in Iraq. We were growing a relationship, yet everything was ambivalent. On the inside, I was jumping on Oprah’s couch like Tom Cruise did back in the day when he was in-love with Katie Holmes. Because when your semi-boyfriend calls from half-way around this world, this is the exact moment you should avoid being creepy and try to act normal. Five deployments, one military marriage, countless trainings, two babies, multiple TDYs and one giant overseas PCS move filled those seven years.

The saying goes, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.” But…

And this is a big but: after several months of dehydration, the horse will probably drink whatever you put in front of him. Even the most trust-worthy people will start to make mistakes when put in tempting situations.

Use the time apart to get to know one another and learn how to communicate with eachother in a way that not many people ever have the chance to develop.2.

Don't ever spend energy wondering if you two will grow apart or focusing on how much the situation stinks.

Relax and rest in faith that you WILL have the opportunity to talk to him again and the grace of another opportunity to interact again so that you two get back on course.