When a man emails you and you’re not interested, don’t just hit Delete. Write him back, say thank you and wish him the best of luck in his search.

Make a few little tweaks to your emails, and your inbox will soon be full.◊♦◊You don’t yet know a first name, and a username just sounds awkward as a greeting.

That’s why I recommend skipping the greeting and going right to the body of the email. My dachshund, Ralph, is better than my personal trainer.

In this discussion, I am going to show you an online dating email example that is filled with common mistakes many online daters make, and transform it into an email that will gain the attention of the type of men and women you Hey there.

I just stumbled across your profile and I have to say, you really do seem like an amazing woman. Let’s assume for arguments sake that a man wrote this email to a woman.

(Like I was in 2006.) The vast majority of emails sent by women go something like this: If Susie’s email is landing in the inbox of a relatively handsome, kind and interesting 50- or 60-something man, chances are Susie isn’t getting a date. Make it enticing, intriguing, or flirty…and personal. I would enjoy learning more about the where’s and why’s of how matter and energy interact.

She’s probably not even getting the darned thing read. It piques his interest and tells him there’s more good stuff to learn. Here’s my formula for writing emails when you’re dating online. You can even get a bit provocative, but don’t overdo that or you may send an I-want-sex-and-you-can-count-on-it signal. Usually then the first characters of what you write show up in their inbox, so make your first sentence count! Show kindness and tell him how glad you are that he connected/got in touch. [compliment and men love the thought of teaching us stuff.] (Ok, I admit…I looked that up. [kinda easy question to answer and gives you info you want to know] This online dating email is a little long, but I wanted to show you some good examples.

Also, an Ok Cupid study showed that men open more emails that To stand out from the crowd, don’t send a generic, impersonal message. He makes sure I get exercise twice a day, rain or shine! ” End the email with a positive closing, such as; “I look forward to hearing from you”. Many people don’t like to sign their name at the end of the first email. I don’t think that disclosing your first name gives away too much information about you. She will not write you back, no matter how hot you are. The purpose of online dating is to DATE, not email incessantly. The only way to know if there’s a true connection is by meeting face-to-face.◊♦◊The purpose of the first online dating email is to simply start a conversation and see if there’s potential for a first date.

The purpose of the first email is to establish a connection. Do not say, “I hope to hear from you soon.” The word ‘hope’ can sound desperate. Another bonus to signing your name is for when your potential match writes back. So, do sign the first email with your first name.◊♦◊ Don’t ask someone to check out your profile. If they’re interested in what you wrote, trust me, they’ll be checking out your profile. Pick up the phone after two or three email exchanges. Follow these tips, and you’ll get more responses, go on more dates, and hopefully, someday soon, you’ll be in a loving relationship.

Improve the quality of your emails, and they’ll stand out from the crowd.