I spent most of my time hunting for people using Hot Mail or Yahoo!

Mail - I could have gotten a lot more accounts if I focused just on Gmail instead (it's like 20-to-one the ratio of Def Con attendees using Gmail vs. I gave out my tools to a bunch of people personally, I'll be officially posting the tools on Monday afternoon to our website.

Certain clothing items can also help one to spot the transsexual woman who is seeking to live a normal life. Does she have feet a size not made in women's shoes?

is ann coulter dating anyone-68

Also, stealing cookies via XSS (Cross Site Scripting) can also do this for the hacker.

What makes this interesting is that it's point-and-click easy with a sniffer on Wi Fi hotspots.

I’ve culled some pics from the archives and consolidated them here in this post for you, Chateaulords, to determine which iconic alpha male pose is the one the God Emperor would assume, even when taking a dump.

First, a new addition: Michael Caine claiming ownership of a meat-stiffening minx.

Give the girl the cold shoulder if her shoulders are wider than her hips, because, again, most likely, she wasn't born with a vagina.

Genetic women’s shoulders-to-hips ratio is typically more in proportion to one another.

The apple got stuck in Adam’s throat, not Eve’s, so if she has one, she’s probably a transsexual.

Ann Coulter and Sandra Bullock are both transsexuals, although they’ve both been able to pass, at least in some circles, as genetic women.

On the other hand, if her juggs look like basketballs--too big, too round, and too good to be true--and are divided by a deep, wide valley, and stay spherical even when she's lying flat on her back, she's quite possibly a trans woman!