In every issue and problem that comes, let's not point the finger.

We both studied theology and psychology, so we had wonderful conversations about human behavior and our own patterns and the bullshit that gets in the way in relationships.

According to Renner, Pacheco left Ava, who turns two on March 28, at home “without any supervision for approximately fifteen minutes” when she went out for an evening with her friends.

According to Renner, Pacheco “failed to check that anyone was home to watch Ava,” leaving a family friend to rush home to care for the child.

Jeremy Renner‘s split from his wife, Canadian model Sonni Pacheco, has taken a new — and ugly — turn.

Court papers filed by “Mission: Impossible — Ghost Protocol” actor Renner and others last week hurl numerous allegations at Pacheco — including that that she threatened to reveal “intimate videos” of the actor.

It's not necessarily something I often think about. Don't forget how the institution of marriage came about.

I've come across a few celebrities over the years who I've had admiration for. I think there are some guys that bullshit their way into a vagina. You're putting your best part forward, not a false foot forward. It has to be an emotional sort of thing for me to go do. Jeremy Renner isn't dating anyone right now, but consider him off the market. ' ” the actor admits in the December issue of Details.In a declaration dated March 17, Renner calls Pacheco’s judgment into question, saying that Pacheco — with whom he has a young daughter, Ava — “does not interact with Ava on a regular basis.” “I do not believe that Sonni is a bad person or bad parent,” Renner says in the declaration.